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Dear homeowner:

Thank you for visiting our site. Choosing a wastewater treatment system for your home is a huge decision and you should seek professional advice from an engineer or architect before making a final decision.

One of the first steps toward choosing a system is to get yourself informed. You have taken the first step by coming to this page. I encourage you to do your research, check out other systems and ask questions. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call us or send us an email. We are glad to help you through the process whether it is for choosing a system, seeking grant funding or getting help servicing your equipment Roman Stone is here to help you through the process.

Below you will see some photos showing installations from several different sites on Long Island. We want you to realize that your yard will be dug up and that some restoration work will have to be done either by you or a professional landscaper. Grass will grow back but hardscaping, trees, gardens, sprinkler systems might get damaged.

The second thing you should see from the photos is that there will be big pieces of equipment in your yard and we will be digging a giant hole. The Singulair tank has one of the smallest footprints (9’3”long  x 5’6” wide x 6’ tall ) of any I/A system but it still weighs 12,000 pounds and is built to last longer than the lifetime of your home. When it comes to heavy duty construction materials, concrete is your best choice. It is less buoyant, stronger and our tanks are manufactured here on Long Island by people who live and work on Long Island just like you.

The third thing you should see is that once the installation is completed you will have at least three covers to grade on your lawn. These covers must not be buried as the system requires maintenance and the covers have to be removed to access the blower and filters below. Wonderful things can be done with your landscaping but you must leave access to the lids.

The last thing to take from these photos is that every I/A system has electrical components that runs on electricity and like anything mechanical can fail and need to be repaired or replaced. But the Norweco Singulair only has the one mechanical aerator component. It has been designed to last a really long time and of most importance to you is that even without the aerator, the system will act like a regular septic tank that is gravity fed. So even if you lose power or the aerator stops working the system will still remove the waste form your home. Once the motor is repaired or the power restored the denitrifying of the wastewater will commence like normal.

Now here is the sales pitch on why you should choose Norweco and Roman Stone.


  1. Norweco and Roman Stone have each been operating businesses for over 100 years. When choosing a system make sure that the Company behind the system is going to be around when you need them.
  2. We manufacture our concrete tanks in Bay Shore, Long Island. We have been at this location since 1962. We employ over 50 people and provide good paying manufacturing jobs that pay full benefits. We live and work on Long Island just like you do. We know you home is your biggest investment and you wastewater system is one of the most expensive systems in your home. Protect your investment in your home with a concrete tank that will last longer than you home and will require the least maintenance. Choose the Norweco Singulair TNT.
  3. Our tanks are manufactured and certified water tight. Our concrete plant is NYSDOT approved plant and we are also members of PCANY and the NPCA. We invite you down to take a tour of our plant to see the quality that goes into our products.
  4. The Norweco aerator has a lifetime exchange warranty.
  5. Norweco Singulair TNT was one of the first systems to be piloted in Suffolk County and one of the first to be approved as meeting SCDHS standards.

More information on wastewater systems can be found at:

Peconic Green Growth:

Suffolk County Department Of Health Services:

Long Island Liquid Waste Association:

The National Precast Concrete Association:

Long Island Nitrogen Action Plan -

The Nature Conservancy -

Take a look at our FAQ's on Do's and Don'ts for your Septic System.

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